Who We Are

Make A Change Canada/Faire un Changement Canada is a federally incorporated nonprofit organization with charitable status. Our services are available online across Canada.

Our mandate is:

  • to provide employment and skills training to persons facing challenges to employment: persons living with a disability or chronic health issue, youth, stay-at-home parents, older workers, Aboriginal Peoples, new Canadians, LGBTQ individuals, and individuals living in rural areas;
  • and

  • to conduct research for the development of programs in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, and distance learning.


Make A Change Canada develops and delivers business start-up and web technology training to people facing challenges to employment. This training is delivered from our program websites and features a self-paced and supportive learning environment. Through our online curriculum and our skilled and caring service teams, Make A Change Canada is empowering others to realize their full potential.


At Make A Change Canada we believe in the capacity of individuals to achieve. If we can awaken the passion within, we can achieve almost anything.

Through research, collaboration, and thought innovation, we will be the leading provider of online training programs for people facing challenges to employment. We will be known as a compassionate organization and the destination of choice for those wanting to redefine themselves.

In our work we grow alongside our clients. This is a shared journey.


  • Growth

    Each day brings its opportunities and challenges. In these moments we are prompted to examine our beliefs and attitudes. It is this reflection that allows for our growth as individuals and within our teams and communities.
  • Passion

    Passion is the thread that connects us and forms the common language of entrepreneurship. Passion presents itself in various ways. Whether emerging or fully realized, Make A Change Canada embraces passion in all its forms.
  • Quality

    Our aim is that each client of Make A Change Canada will recall his or her time with us favourably. To this end, we are dedicated to the pursuit of relevance and excellence in every aspect of our operation.
  • Innovation

    Our world moves at lightning speed, and we are challenged constantly by the pace of change. Make A Change Canada works to seek out, explore, and adopt innovations to enhance our workplace and the client experience.
  • Diversity

    It is our varying backgrounds, beliefs, talents, and lifestyles that define our individual character. By embracing diversity we expand our perspectives and open ourselves to the possibility of learning from those who are different from ourselves.
  • Community

    Business plans and final projects are completed, submitted, and evaluated, yet our connection to each other remains strong. We share a common thread, which exists as a result of our shared experience. Through ongoing engagement with our clients, colleagues, partners, volunteers, and supporters we are building and fostering an enduring virtual community.
  • Enjoyment

    We work in an energetic and rewarding environment. We work hard but still find time to share a laugh and enjoy the moment with our clients and colleagues. Make A Change Canada allows us considerable freedom and creativity in our roles and the opportunity for a work-life balance. At Make A Change Canada employment brings enjoyment.