Building Networks and Mapping Assets

Exploring (Self) Employment Supports for Persons with Disabilities in Five Canadian Regions

The Canadian Society for Social Development (CSSD) received funding from the Office of Learning Technology (OLT), Human Resources Development Canada to test the extent to which the Internet Business Development for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities (IBDE) Program assists people with disabilities to develop new knowledge, skills and experience relevant to gaining (self) employment. This 3-year project includes a developmental phase and an implementation phase. The developmental phase consists of four major steps: partnership development, mapping community learning assets and identifying skills gaps, developing a community learning and skill action plan, and the development of a comprehensive evaluation plan. This report presents a summary of findings from asset mapping activities.


The IBDE Program provides persons with disabilities an online opportunity to explore web design as an employment option and build related skills. The program consists of a three month online, web design course (http://www.ibde.ca/) followed by a three month work experience segment, in which participants apply their new skills by building a website (either for their own business or for that of a local small business owner / community group) under the guidance of online instructors. The IBDE Program is being tested in five Canadian regions / provinces with the assistance of the following local community partners:

  • Moncton & the province of New Brunswick (CBDE Westmoreland Albert)
  • Halifax & the southern regions of Nova Scotia (Digby Disabilities Partnership Committee / Teamworks Cooperative Limited and the Collaborative Partnerships Network)
  • Barrie & South Simcoe region of Ontario (The Business Enterprise Centre / Careers for Inclusion)
  • Bonnyville & Cold Lake, Alberta (Lakeland Community Development Corporation)
  • Nelson & West Kootenay region of British Columbia (Kootenay Career Development Society and the Canadian Society for Social Development)

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