Research and Reports

Building Networks and Mapping Assets

Exploring (Self) Employment Supports for Persons with Disabilities in Five Canadian Regions

The Canadian Society for Social Development (CSSD) received funding from the Office of Learning Technology (OLT), Human Resources Development Canada to test the extent to which the Internet Business Development for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities (IBDE) Program assists people with disabilities to develop new knowledge, skills and experience relevant to gaining (self) employment. This 3-year project includes a developmental phase and an implementation phase. The developmental phase consists of four major steps: partnership development, mapping community learning assets and identifying skills gaps, developing a community learning and skill action plan, and the development of a comprehensive evaluation plan. This report presents a summary of findings from asset mapping activities.

Community Mapping Workshop

For the project

“Building a Bridge to Self employment for People with Disabilities”

The Canadian Society for Social Development hosted a Community Mapping Workshop on June 29th, 2005, in support of the captioned project undertaken by the Social and Enterprise Development Innovations (SEDI). SEDI is a national charitable organization envisioning a society where there is an end to barriers that prevent individuals from realizing their full economic and human potential and where social, cultural and economic supports are available to enable people to learn, take risks, invest wisely and participate in the economic mainstream.